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In order to cater Process Excellence across Small and Medium Enterprises and Businesses, ViSigma provides varied services across 3 categories:

  1. Data & Content Visualization Services

  2. Training and Workshops

  3. Consulting Services 

Visualization Services

Professional and Best Visualization services, that would indulge the audience:

  • Customized & Interactive Excel Reports

  • Business and Speaker Presentations using Powerpoint

  • Interactive Dashboards. using Tableau

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Training and Workshops

Training and certifications:

  • ​Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt (Free)

  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

  • ITIL Service Management


Workshops for Process Improvement:​

  • Introducing Quality Tools

  • Customized workshops based on requirement.

Consulting Services

Organizations and Business Owners consult ViSigma for:

  • Introducing Process Improvement Tools

  • Risk Assessment 

  • Lean Management

  • Gap Analysis, etc.

Video Tutorials 
Over Production - Cost Impact


In this classic comedy clip, we see an example of overproduction (one of the eight wastes of Lean). Too bad, eating extra product isn't always a delicious option.

Lean Management - Waste Analysis


The simplest thing an organization can do in applying lean is to identify waste in its processes and then work to eliminate them. To get started, conduct a waste analysis. It typically looks for waste in eight categories.

Root Cause Analysis - 5 Why's
Jefferson Memorial, Washington D. C.


Reversing the deteriorating of the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C., with the five whys technique. The story contains a good example of the five whys technique for root cause analysis.

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