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Key to Process Excellence

Updated: Mar 9, 2018

The Key to Process Excellence is applying Lean Six Sigma culture, not just professionally, but personally as well. I must admit, LSS not just increased the number of opportunities and growth I received w.r.t. my career, but also helped me achieve Process Excellence in personal life too!

Did you ever realize, your kids are the Process Excellence Experts of the future? Did you face the annoying question "WHY", repeatedly asked whenever they are curious to know about a particular topic? Well, you will be surprised to know, one of the most prominent tools in LSS - Root Cause Analysis: 5-WHY's, which means asking "WHY" 5 times. So the next time you see your kid asking "WHY", encourage them by answering their question. You might be laying foundation to the future expert! Let me give you a sneak-peak at what Lean Six Sigma is all about and what it can do to your Business, Organization or yourself.

Lean Six Sigma(LSS) is a set of tools that can be applied across any industry or sector, to develop or Improve business/processes.

  • Lean - Focuses on waste reduction by streamlining processes

  • Six Sigma - Focuses on preventing defects through problem solving

  • Lean Six Sigma - Improves overall processes delivering greater results

Success Stories

Jefferson Memorial, Washington D.C.

  • Problem: The monument built with marble and lime stone is deteriorating

  • Threat: If deterioration continues, the monument would collapse!

  • Tool used: Root Cause Analysis - 5 Why’s

  • Result: Monument lasted with durability and Tangible Cost Savings

Benefits of LSS Culture

  • Improved Teamwork

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction

  • On-time Deliverables

  • Increased Profit margins

  • Increased Quality of Work

LSS Tools & Methodologies:

  • Brainstorming: Generate Process Improvement Ideas / Projects

  • Root Cause Analysis: Identify not just the cause, but Root Cause of a problem

  • Voice of Customer: Capture Customer’s requirements accurately to create/ improve the product

  • Risk Management: Identify and prioritize risks within a process

LSS Implementation

  • Performance Assessment & Gap Analysis: Assess the current process and identify Gaps within a process

  • Six Sigma Training: Customized training provided for all employees, based on Process Assessment.

  • Project initiation: Initiate the Project Charter

  • Measure Project Savings and Closure: Calculate Savings: in terms of Cost, Time and Resources & Define Control Plan

Understanding and Implementing Lean Six Sigma is like adapting a culture towards Success. Achieve Process Excellence through Lean Six Sigma - Contact Kiran today!

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