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Lean Principles

Lean principles help with waste reduction, achieving the goal with minimal resources thus resulting in efficiency. The 5 core Lean principles are: 

  • define your goal 

  • list all the actions or steps required to reach your goal

  • create an action plan, filtering actions or steps that don't add value (eliminate waste)

  • associate the resources required to respective actions or steps

  • Look at the action plan and identify areas of improvement and enhance the plan

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Root Cause Analysis with 5-WHY's

Jefferson Memorial, Washington D. C.

This video shows how the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C was saved from deterioration by applying 5-WHYs technique. It is a live example demonstrating the effectiveness of 5-WHYs technique as a Root Cause Analysis tool.

Goal Management - KPI Dashboard

While working towards a goal, often times we lose track as we don't remind ourselves enough on a daily basis. KPI’s are metrics that help you achieve your goal, through Visual dashboards.
Metrics can be derived by identifying the key actions or steps that would help you achieve your goal (refer to Lean principles section above, to understand how to identify actions or steps towards your goal).
Here is a Sample KPI Dashboard

Exercise: Is there a goal you are currently working on? Then try defining the KPI’s that help you reach your goal, using the sample dashboard
(Click on above link or the Image to the right -->)

Visualizing the Results using Tableau

This tableau visualization by Capal, J. (2016, October 4) provides the rate of insured individuals, across various demographic and regional groups - before and after the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (commonly called Obamacare) in USA, 2011.


Explore this visualization on Tableau Public. Click on the image --->

Software Requirements: Web Browser – Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari.


The Six Sigma Yellow Belt course is tailored to help anyone interested to know what Six Sigma is; learn key concepts in Six Sigma; and to get a basic understanding of how Six Sigma framework works in delivering successful projects.


​ offers Free Yellow Belt training which can be found here 

This course is offered Free as an introductory offer to acquaint the student with the online course quality. Once the course is completed, the student need to take an assessment to get the certificate. The purpose of the exam is to confirm you have basic understanding of Six Sigma.


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